Addressing Systemic Racism in B.C.

The Government of B.C. is taking action to address systemic racism in provincial programs and services. This is an important part of our work to make our services stronger for everyone.

What did we learn from the BC Demographic Survey?

Keeping your data safe

Updates on our
anti-racism research priorities

Year two progress report

Research priorities update 2024

How common health conditions affect communities across B.C. 

Special education designations in our K-12 system 

Representation in the BC Public Service 

Anti-Racism Data Act

We heard from communities around B.C. that we need to prioritize improving services for people, especially in the areas of education, employment and health.   

We’ve heard from many Indigenous and racialized people that they are being left behind because our services weren’t designed with them in mind. The Anti-Racism Data Act has been created to help us conduct research that will identify gaps in our services. This will enable us to make them more accessible and inclusive for everyone.

Anti-Racism Data Committee’s progress to date

How we’re working with Indigenous Peoples

How the anti-racism research priorities were developed

Artists acknowledgment