What is the BC Demographic Survey? 

The BC Demographic Survey closed on October 15, 2023.

Thank you to everyone who completed the survey. The information you provided will help us to identify gaps in government programs so that we can meet the needs of more people in British Columbia.

Learn about the BC Demographic Survey

This voluntary survey was created through engagement with Indigenous, Black and other racialized communities. It included questions related to race, ethnicity, ancestry and other areas of identity. 

Why was the survey created?

We’ve heard from many Indigenous and racialized people that they are being left behind because our services weren’t designed with them in mind.

To address this, first we need more information about who is using our services and how they are working for people. The survey was created to help us collect this information. 

What happens now the survey is closed?

We’re now working to combine the survey responses with other information that we hold to identify gaps in our services and make them more accessible and inclusive for everyone in B.C.

In 2024, we’ll share the results of the survey and updates on how we’re using this information to support research priorities.