Racial diversity in the BC Public Service

Right now, Indigenous and racialized communities are underrepresented as employees within the BC Public Service.

This gap is even bigger for management roles.

What did we learn and what are the next steps?

​​​​​​A public service that is representative of people in B.C. can help us deliver services that work for everyone. 

The first phase of research focused on: 

  • Racial representation across the BC Public Service, including what roles Indigenous and racialized employees hold 
  • Careers for interns who took part in the Indigenous Youth Internship Program (IYIP) 

What is this research about?

This research shows the current level of racial diversity in the public service. 

We’re committed to addressing discrimination and systemic racism within government. One way to do this is to make the BC Public Service more reflective of the population it serves.  

Why is this important?

Our government is a colonial institution. It was shaped by racist and discriminatory beliefs, policies, attitudes and behaviours. This foundation has gone unchanged and leads to racism and discrimination occurring today.  

This means that generations of Indigenous and racialized people continue to be excluded because of systemic racism.  

What data did we use?

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What data did we use?

This study is about approximately ​​30,600 people who were employed in the B.C. Government as of January 2022.

As well as, 406 Indigenous interns who participated in the Indigenous Youth Internship Program since it started in 2007.

For this research we used:

Who’s working on this project?

BC Stats and the BC Public Service Agency are working together on this research. 

In future phases, we’ll focus on racial equity and begin to look at the experiences of employees.  

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