Release of Statistics 2023

On May 29, 2023, we released: 

Future releases will focus on providing more statistics and insights from data. With this information, communities can learn more about the needs of their members. This will support their ongoing efforts to advocate for themselves and advance their goals.  

Year one progress report

This includes information about: 

Guide on using categorical race and ethnicity variables

This technical guide provides nine recommendations on how to use race and ethnicity variables in research projects. It supports data users, including: 

  • Analysts 
  • Researchers  
  • Data architects 
  • Data scientists 

The guide also includes case studies and examples, as well as a self-assessment checklist.  

We worked with subject matter experts to develop the guide. 

Looking to learn more?

We also released research priorities on May 29, 2023. Continue reading to learn more about how these priorities will help government address systemic racism.