Anti-racism research priorities

These were created in partnership with Indigenous Peoples and the Anti-Racism Data Committee.

Here you will find research related to three of these research priorities. This is a first glance and gives us a starting point for future work to advance racial equity. This research is a small but important step forward.

We’re working on further research and will update this page as research progresses.  

  • Report on Health Conditions Across Diverse Populations in B.C

    We know that not everyone has the same experience when using our health system. We’ll start by looking at how often we see chronic health conditions in different demographic groups in B.C.

  • ​Accessing learning supports in B.C.’s K-12 system

    We know systemic racism exists in B.C.’s K-12 system. This research is a starting point to help us understand the experiences of Indigenous and racialized students and whether they have equitable access to the supports needed to succeed.

  • ​Racial diversity in the BC Public Service

    The goal of this research is to advance racial equity in the BC Public Service. As a first step, we are looking at racial diversity among government employees. Our services should be shaped by employees who reflect the diverse perspectives, knowledge and lived experience of the people we serve.