The BC Demographic Survey is now closed. More than 200,000 people responded. Thank you to everyone who completed the survey.

The difference between the Anti-Racism Questionnaire and the BC Demographic Survey

Holding government accountable

To support this data collection and use, we’re developing broader anti-racism legislation. 

This new legislation, to be introduced in 2024, will hold government accountable to address systemic racism uncovered through our data collection, and to provide supports for those who have been negatively impacted.

Your input matters!

That’s why we’re launching an online questionnaire to hear from people of all backgrounds on how they think government should address racism in B.C.

Your feedback is anonymous and will help us make our province work better for everyone. 

The questionnaire will take between 7 – 12 minutes to complete and is available in 15 languages. 

What’s the difference between the BC Demographic Survey and the anti-racism questionnaire?

The feedback we receive through the Anti-Racism Questionnaire will help us understand what supports people need to heal from ongoing colonial and racial trauma and how we can best address systemic racism in government.  

What kind of questions will I be asked in the questionnaire?

Respondents will be asked how they think government should address racism, what services would be most beneficial in dealing with racist incidents and what are the most important factors in developing anti-racism policies. 

All information gathered is anonymous and the results will be shared publicly in the fall of 2023.  

Can I take the questionnaire, even if I’m not Indigenous or racialized?

While some of our engagements for this legislation are limited to Indigenous and racialized people, we know that every person has different experiences and opinions on how government should address racism.

Everyone’s input matters and can help us make a better, more inclusive province.

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